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Rapid 1-Day Results

R.A.D.A.R.® with graphed results

Millennium Laboratories sets industry standards in testing and reporting. Our leading-edge technology and proprietary methodologies produce rapid turnaround of comprehensive, quantified test results, generally within one business day of specimen receipt at our lab.

Rapid Assessment Drug Adherence Report (R.A.D.A.R.®) provides a snapshot of the full results, helping to reconcile consistencies and inconsistencies with information reported on the test requisition. Our optional graphed results allow the healthcare professional to visualize and easily understand and compare patient results with Millennium average levels and historical results from his/her previous tests.


  • The Comparative Results graph assists clinicians with determining whether the patient’s result is consistent with or similar to those of other patients prescribed and taking the same medication, unrelated to dosage.
  • The Historical Results graph provides a quick reference guide for comparing a single patient’s UDT results over time.
  • Both graphs quickly identify atypical results or those that are inconsistent with typical UDT results for the named medication.

Additional benefits of our report include custom comments regarding specific drugs/metabolites and their detection windows, a full list of tabulated results, and specimen validity levels and reference ranges. Test results can be received by fax, online or secure email for your convenience.

Our customers have access to our toxicologists who are available for live results discussion 12 hours every business day.

RADAR® Hotline 866.866.0605
Monday through Friday, 5:00AM – 9:00PM Pacific Time
Saturday and Sunday, 7:00AM – 3:30PM Pacific Time 


Practice Profiles

We also offer quarterly Practice Profiles, a full results summary of submitted specimens and a comparison of results-to-results from nationwide samples submitted to Millennium during that same period. These profiles summarize expected and unexpected results, positive test results and in-office false positive/negative results. This data is compiled and shared in easily read charts with custom comments from clinical review.

Reviewing practice data over time, analyzing benefits and limitations of in-office testing, and comparing results to the national average may help healthcare professionals assess and reconcile patient treatment plans to actual drug use and improve overall care.


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