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Patient Billing Information

Please call our Patient Billing Department toll-free at 877.451.7337 with any billing questions.

Millennium Laboratories bills your insurer directly for the services we perform in our laboratory. These charges are separate from any amount your doctor may bill your insurer for tests carried out during your office visit. It is important that you provide complete insurance information to your doctor at the time of your visit. Your insurer will send you an Explanation of Benefits (EOB). The EOB is not a bill; it is simply a statement that shows how your insurer processed the claim for our test. Depending on your insurance carrier, Millennium may also send you a statement for a co-payment or deductible.

I am not insured, what is my responsibility for this test?

Millennium recognizes that due to financial hardship some patients do not carry or qualify for health insurance. However, it is still your responsibility to pay for these services that are an important part of your treatment plan. Financial assistance may be available for those patients that truly are without healthcare coverage, contact our Patient Billing Department at 877.451.7337 for more information.

Tips for Prescription Safety*

  • Do not take medications that aren’t prescribed for you by your healthcare provider.
  • Consult your physician before combining sedatives or anti-anxiety drugs with pain medications.
  • Do not use opioid (narcotic) medications as sleeping pills.
  • Do not take pain medication with alcohol.
  • Never give your pain medications to someone else, for any reason.
  • Do not suddenly stop taking a medicine.
  • Make a list of all your medications and bring it to each medical appointment.
  • Lock up painkillers to keep them out of other people’s hands.
*Source: National Pain Foundation

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