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First in Patient Advocacy

I see a difference between pain and suffering but as I watch I see that mostly they are treated the same.

- James Slattery, Founder and Chairman of the Board

This observation led to the vision for Millennium Laboratories to help provide research and physician education in an effort to advance the management and care of patients suffering from chronic pain, substance abuse disorders and psychiatric disorders

As someone who is prescribed pharmacotherapy as a part of a treatment plan, you seek support from your health care professional in managing your condition. Millennium Laboratories supports both you and your medical team in this endeavor. We provide customized testing services to help your health care professional provide you safe and effective treatment. In addition, our team of leading researchers continues to develop the most up-to-date testing methodologies to ensure we are providing the best services possible.

Millennium Laboratories advocates to support responsible and meaningful public policy. We maintain a strong presence with legislators, regulators and numerous medical societies to ensure that all constituents continue to operate in an effective and equitable environment – so that you can gain control of your health.

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View frequently asked questions regarding pain and additional resources.

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View common questions about medication monitoring, the process and results.

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View information about how these tests are processed with and without health insurance, and links to patient resources.

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