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James Slattery

Founder and Chairman of the Board

James Slattery is the founder and Chairman of the Board of Millennium Laboratories. He founded Millennium Laboratories because of his own direct experience with people who suffer with chronic pain, and established our two-fold mission: more

Brock Hardaway

Chief Executive Officer

Brock Hardaway joined Millennium Laboratories in 2013 and provides the strategic direction for the company’s long-term growth, including growing the company’s product and service offerings, increasing brand recognition, and maximizing earnings potential. He has two decades of leadership experience in healthcare and a strong track record of growth and performance. more

Howard Appel


Howard Appel is President of Millennium Laboratories. Prior to his promotion to President in January 2010, he served as the company’s Chief Financial Officer. As President, Mr. Appel is responsible for oversight of the company’s operations and implementation of its strategic initiatives. Mr. Appel has extensive knowledge of operational and financial leadership as well as keen insight into the needs of the customers that Millennium serves. more

Mark A. Winham

Chief Operating Officer

With almost 30 years of laboratory and medical experience, Mark A. Winham joined Millennium Laboratories in July 2013 as chief operating officer and is responsible for the strategic planning and development of laboratory operations. more

Timothy C. Kennedy

Chief Financial Officer

With over 20 years of experience in financial operations and management in the health care industry, Tim Kennedy joined Millennium Laboratories in July 2013 as chief financial officer. Kennedy oversees all financial functions for the company. more

Charles Mikel

Chief Scientific Officer

As Chief Scientific Officer, Dr. Charles Mikel provides scientific leadership and direction to the laboratory operations and research and development programs at Millennium Laboratories. He is credited with originating the innovative drug testing methods, specimen handling and data processing systems and reporting techniques used in our state-of-the-art facilities. more

William W. Zondler

Chief Information Officer

With more than 25 years of life sciences and commercial electronics manufacturing industry experience, William W. Zondler joined Millennium Laboratories in June 2013 as chief information officer and is responsible for the vision, strategy, and implementation of all aspects of information technology and telecommunications for the company. more

Martin Price

General Counsel

As General Counsel for Millennium Laboratories Martin Price is responsible for the oversight of all legal affairs of the company. He is involved in the company’s continued expansion throughout the United States and in its development of strategic alliances and partnerships. more

Elizabeth Peacock

Executive Vice President of Emerging Opportunities

As Executive Vice President of Emerging Opportunities, Elizabeth Peacock brings more than 20 years of US and international sales management experience in the medical device and pharmaceutical industries. Her pain management medication monitoring marketing experience includes her tenure as the Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Ameritox where she built the company’s initial direct sales team. more

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