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First in Industry Advocacy

Millennium Laboratories was founded in late 2007 by Founder and Chairman of the Board, James Slattery. His vision for Millennium Laboratories:

  • To transform the science of toxicology from its traditional forensics model to a clinical model used to improve the care for people in pain.
  • To help alleviate human suffering through leading research and education that increases industry and public awareness of pain suffering and management.

Today, Millennium is part of the solution for changing the pain management paradigm by providing customized drug testing services for healthcare professionals and helping to mitigate the abuse and misuse of prescription drugs. We offer valuable resources and education that help personalize treatment plans to help improve clinical outcomes and patient safety.

First in Industry Research

Millennium’s vision emphasizes the value of pain research and healthcare professional education in an effort to advance the management and care of people suffering from pain. Millennium Research Institute, a non-profit national research center formed in 2010, provides its own and third-party research and education to help improve clinical outcomes and patient safety. Millennium serves as an industry educator and a compassionate advocate¬†for people suffering from pain throughout the United States.

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