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Millennium Laboratories, a leader in the science of toxicology and pharmacogenetics, is transforming the way health care professionals monitor and manage their patients’ medication therapy. Through the use of advanced technology, supported by research and education, Millennium helps practitioners personalize care for patients.



Our leading technology and proprietary methodologies provide specific drug and metabolite identification, drug quantification and metabolizer status identification.

  • Comprehensive Millennium UDTSM Rapid Assessment Drug Adherence Report (RADARSM) with graphed results
  • Millennium PGTSM Millennium Analysis of Patient Phenotype (MAPPSM) report
  • Evidence-based interpretive results
  • More comprehensive medication and drug coverage with more than 95 parent drugs and metabolites


Unsurpassed customer service and customizable test offerings that meet the unique needs of health care professionals.

  • Rapid results*
  • Choice of individual tests, no pre-set panels
  • Choice of test methods, immunoassay and drug specific quantitative LC-MS/MS available
  • Test with urine or oral fluid [Millennium UDT]
  • Test with saliva [Millennium PGT]

* UDT results delivered generally within one day of specimen receipt at our lab. OFT results may take up to 72 hours.


Rooted in the highest level of science, data, research, and clinical expertise.

  • Field-based clinical research educators, pharmacists, and psychologists
  • Fully licensed, accredited UDT lab in all 50 states
  • Fully licensed, accredited PGT lab in a majority of states across the nation
  • Evidence-based tests and reports
  • Comprehensive legal and compliance programs


Advanced technologies and state-of-the art science allows for rapid test development.

  • Continually developing and adding newly emerging synthetic drugs of abuse
  • Ongoing assay and test development for prescription medications and illicit substances
  • Ability to expand and add genetic tests with evidence to back clinical relevance


Promoting best clinical practices and standards of care.

  • Education of health care professionals supporting optimal care and outcomes
  • National advocacy for best practices through education and standards
  • Collaborative research with world-class academic and research institutions

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